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Authenticated 2024: BREATHE

It's a good time to make plans for

Authenticated 2024: Breathe!


Saturday, October 19, 2024

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Request Sharon for your event

Sharon Roshell is a Billboard charting singer, songwriter, and host of The Authenticated Life podcast. Her voice is powerful and passionate, leading her listener straight into an encounter with God. When Sharon Roshell sings and speaks, her audience feels it – they feel Fire.

Whether singing or speaking, she is available to join your next event in-person or online.

New worship course

Worship is not about stroking God's ego or proving your commitment to Him through hours of self-sacrifice. Worship is about the intimate connection between you and God, where you catch glimpses of your oneness - Him in you and you in Him. God takes pleasure in you and seeks this connection so you can perpetually experience and manifest His goodness. Worship is about you too. This course will explore the purpose of worship and set your heart on fire...again and again!

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